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WZZM’s Alana Nehring Gets Help With The Weather!
You might not have heard of The Fur Circus, but if you watched TV 13's news Saturday morning, or went to the Saturday Griffins game, you are in the know!
The team of furry fun mascots that do a circus like show were on Channel 13 with Jennifer Pascua and Meteorologist Alana Nehring.
How The Ice Stays Frozen At Rosa Parks Circle
Look outside. The weather is frightful today. It's only going to get worse tomorrow. Almost 60 and thunderstorms. Makes you wonder about things like "How does the ice at Rosa Parks Circle stay frozen?" Well, say no more, I have the answer for you.
Today Is “National Hug A Newsman Day”!
OK I have to admit. If I'm going to follow through on the day today, by hugging a newsman. I wouldn't be hugging a newsMAN. I'd be hugging a Meteorologist. I took a meteorology class in school and have always been interested in weather and the such.