Art Prize

Unlocking ArtPrize: Woman’s Faith In Humanity Restored
When Chelsea Lassen decided to spend an afternoon with friends exploring ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Wednesday, she didn’t expect to leave in a panic.
“After leaving dinner hours later, I unzipped my pocket only to find no car keys,” said Lassen, a ‘05 graduate of Lakeview High S…
Tour of Art Prize 1 [Sponsored]
Art Prize is in full swing. The streets of our city are lined with some really amazing pieces of art and it's time to share them with you! Can't make it out? Too busy? Well, enjoy this tour of Art Prize courtesy of our friends at Design 1 Salon Spa!
The Huge Steam Pig Downtown Is For Sale!
WZZM 13 reports the giant ArtPrize finalist Steam Pig is looking for a new home.  The team that designed and built The Steam Pig in downtown Grand Rapids is putting it up for sale to help cover outstanding bills. The PIG which is around 36 feet tall is located now in the parking lot of the B.O…