Back to the Future

A Nice Vinyl Find at Dodd’s Record Store!
Lately, it seems like every artist has been releasing their latest works on that classic format of vinyl. I have been trying to bring up my vinyl collection lately, especially with KISS re-releasing all of their albums on vinyl. My wallet has been emptying quickly sadly, but another one showed up re…
‘Back to the Future’ LEGO Set Officially Coming in 2013
A while back we reported on a very cool 'Back to the Future' LEGO set concept, where fans submit their ideas for new LEGO sets in hopes of seeing those sets become reality. And the results are in -- the 'Back to the Future' LEGO set has been approved and is coming next year!
Welcome To The Future…For Real! UPDATE
OK, I fell for it, as did many others. The internets, in all their glory, led us astray. Today IS NOT the "Back to the Future" day from the movie. Past the jump is the ACTUAL day from the's October 21, 2015...still three years to go. Bah photoshop.
Thanks to friend of WFGR Theres…