Gordmans Might Be Filing for Bankruptcy!
In the words of DJ Khaled: "Another one" or in the words of Queen: "Another one bites the dust."
Lately all we've been hearing about are stores closing or filing for bankruptcy and Gordmans could potentially be the latest one. Bloomberg reports that the depart…
Is Radio Shack Really Going Away?
A week ago, I wrote that Radio Shack is going bankrupt and closing all of it's stores.
And while some have closed, not all of them are.
New developments have surfaced in the tale of Radio Shack's demise.
Our Long National Nightmare Is Almost Over…TWINKIES ARE BACK!!!
Well, they WILL be back this summer! The bankrupt Hostess company was sold to two investment firms for 410 million dollars, and those firms are going to revive the iconic snack cake brands sometime this summer! As one who enjoys the treats of his youth and last year, this warms the sugar laden veins…

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