Big Rapids Opens Racist Museum
This is crazy, and it's even in our own back yard - Big Rapids.
This place is loaded simple ashtrays and fishing lures, a full-size replica of a lynching tree. But all are united by a common theme: They are steeped in racism so intense it makes you blush!
Man Eats 25,000 Big Macs
This is an incridble story... Maybe the fact this guy isn't 5000LBS might be the bigger story.  Seems this guy has been eating Big Macs his entire life, and keeps track in his head.
Big Game Chili
Two food items seem to be becoming a bigger and bigger deal at Super Bowl parties every year -- guacamole and chili.
While there are not too many variations on how guacamole is made, chili is an entirely different deal. People throw some crazy stuff in there and, somehow, it turns out great.
Eat Up on Sunday
In a follow up post to earlier, check out the massive amounts of food that will be consumed on Big Game Sunday - according to Yahoo Sports...
Yeah Right!
Not that ANY of us would ever do this, but  here are some ways to Lose Weight While Watching the Big Game from yahoo!  I don't even have a jump rope!