Is This the Smoothest Trail in Michigan?
Trail riding continues to grow in popularity across Michigan. One thing that always attracts cyclists, rollerbladers and others is a smooth trail.
This 22 mile trail just might be the smoothest in Michigan.
Biking M-185 on Mackinac Island [Video]
You can see a lot of things on Mackinac Island, but automobiles are not one of them. Cars are banned. Instead of cars, bicycles are everywhere. Bikes are used to commute and for recreation.
Here's a look at the most common recreational bike ride on Mackinac Island, the eight mile trail that trav…
Musketawa Trail: Gold Spike Trail Tour III [Photos]
Last weekend, the Friends of the Musketawa Trail hosted the Gold Spike Trail Tour. The biennial event covered the entire Musketawa Trail, running from Marne to Muskegon, and connected with the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail in Grand Rapids to the east.
Grab Your Motion Sickness Bag, Crazy Ride Down a Mountain
I swear, extreme sports enthusiasts must have some sort of death wish. Maybe it's because GoPros give a weird fisheye effect, maybe its because of the speed he's traveling, maybe it's because he comes inches away from an ER visit no less than 15 times. This video makes me very uncomfo…

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