Missing Texas Boy Found Living In Walmart [Video]
I have to admit, hanging out and "living" in a large retail store would probably be kinda fun.
Like when sitcom TV characters are locked in some sort of funny predicament. Fonzie and the gang locked in Mr. C's vault in Cunningham Hardware. The "Friends" frien…
Boy Suspended for Calling Teacher Cute
Wow, I think we've might have gone a little too far. Both of my parents were school teachers and I don't think they would have had a problem with this.
A school has suspended a 9-year-old boy for calling his teacher cute—and not even to her face!  The boy made the comment to a fellow student about a …
Balloon Boy Balloon FOR SALE!
Remember this Dumb Story from Colorado when that couple that told authorities their son floated away in a helium balloon?
Well, now they are saying they'll auction off the inflatable to raise money for Japanese earthquake and tsunami relief - A Noble cause I suppose after lying to police about t…