Crazy Snow Wall Descends on Buffalo [Video]
No, this is not a promotional video for "The Day After Tomorrow."
This is an actual time-lapse video of the skyline in Buffalo. The imposing white wall pictured is lake-effect snow, which blew in from Lake Erie and ravaged the city Tuesday and Wednesday.
Airplane Hits WHAT On Takeoff??
These are the stories you can't make up. An airplane was taking off at an airport in India a couple of days ago and hit something as it was beginning to leave the field.
Grand Rapids: Third Snowiest City in the U.S.!
This has been a rough winter for sure.
Lots of snow, cold and brutal. And while we are used to being in all these cool lists and showing civic pride (Best Place to Raise a Family and Beer City USA), here's a list we DON'T like being on.