Woman Starts Campaign to Shovel Grand Rapids Bus Stops [VIDEO]
After seeing the snowy and potentially dangerous conditions of Grand Rapids bus stops, a Cedar Springs woman has decided to do something about it.
WZZM-13 reports that Wendy Peterson has started a campaign to shovel Grand Rapids bus stops and make them safer for travellers.
School Bus Barely Misses Train
If you haven't seen this video yet, be warned it has a lot of swear words going on. Which, is actually understandable, as the bus driver stopped what looks to be inches away from the train tracks.
Help Us ‘Stuff the Bus’ For West Michigan Schools
Help us "Stuff the Bus" on Friday from 4-6 in Jenison at the 5/3rd bank on Baldwin!
Meet Cluck the WFGR chicken, a chance to win the Classic Hits Corvette, an overnight stay at the Amway and gift cards and more!
This is the third year for "Stuff the Bus" in the Grand Rapids area, a…
School Bus VS High Speed Waterfall [VIDEO}
I really have no idea what's going on here, or why anyone is even doing this, but here it is. See if you can figure out, or what the point is. It's impressive, yet totally nuts.   I wonder if they got to school on time?!

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