Stock Photography You Will Never See…Until Now.
I have to say thanks to Wendy Reed's friend Luke, who posted this on Facebook. I'm not even sure legally I can post some of these here, but I am anyway. They are too funny not to. People like me, who write posts on websites, use pictures to help tell stories and describe action in posts. Some are p…
Top 9 Creepy Things Kids Have Said To Their Parents
So, this morning, I was reading about how there was a thread going on on Reddit about the creepiest things kids have ever said to their parents. So of course, I had to go through and read all of them to see what kind of weirdo stuff kids have said (I have a morbid curiosity, so sue me). Let me tell …
Buzzfeed’s 35 Things We Will Never See Again
Some websites (like THIS one ;) ) are big wastes of time. Throw in The Onion, the Huffington Post and and you have a rich full day. Buzzfeed is one of the better time wasting websites around. And this topic is pretty sad and true-35 things we will never see again.