Alternate Ways of Scraping Your Car [Video]
Yesterday, I spent a good 20 minutes knocking all of the snow off my truck. Half way through I thought to myself, there has to be a better way. Then, as I brushed off more of that soft flaky powdery snow we had yesterday, it hit me like a ton of bricks. Leaf Blower. Good idea or not I knew someone e…
Best Of Craigslist-Feb 2013 Edition
It's tax return time, and thank you to the IRS for filling my bank account with love. Maybe you remember back in the fall I got into an accident and totaled my little Saturn Wagon. So I'm now in the market for a new ride. So of course I go on to my list, Craigslist, to see what I can find.
GM to Discontinue The Final Bench Seat
Sad Day! When GM redesigns the 2014 model; it will mark the end of a traditional front-seat design - the Bench Seat! The outgoing Impala is the last passenger car in production in North America to offer the bench seat - the first bench seat appeared in 1911.
Man Finds Missing Car 42 Years Later After It Was Stolen
A Man from Texas was just reunited with his 1967 Austin Healey 3000 after it was stolen 42 years ago.
It was taken his Philly area apartment after his second date with his girlfriend.
After that, he assumed it was gone forever. But he didn't give up and ebay turned up something magical.

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