Empty The Shelter Event A Huge Success For Area Animal Shelters
Yesterday was the “Empty the Shelter” event at 69 animal shelters around Michigan.  The event was sponsored by Bissell Pet Foundation, who paid the adoption fees for the over 1,500 pets that were adopted!
According to Fox 17, twenty-two of the 69 shelters reported being empty or almo…
The 7 Best Cat Talking Videos On YouTube
"Meow," it's more than just a noise. It's a way to communicate for cats. But, sometimes their meows can sound a little bit like actual words. In this roundup we have the 7 best cat talking videos on YouTube. Check them all out after the jump!...
Worlds Fattest Cat Dies
This is sad news really.  Poor kitty! Have a look at this cat!  It ended up at a shelter in New Mexico - and they had put it on a diet and it had actually lost 2 pounds before it passed away.  Here's my question though, how did the cat this fat to begin with anyway?  I love …
The Worlds Shortest Cat [VIDEO]
Wow, this is kind of weird, but yet not. Check out this can and it's super short legs.  It moves around like some kind of weirdo rodent. Seems like a nice enough cat, but judge for yourself!

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