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So… What Are You Gettin’ The Kids For Christmas?
Technology has taken over our lives. Today is the 29th anniversary of the first text message sent to a cell phone. We now send about 4 billion text messages every day in the US. That's over 140 billion texts every year. This morning, when I sat down to eat a bowl of Lucky Charms, what was the ad I s…
Cyber Monday Deals…All Holiday Season Long!
If you haven't been over to the VIP section of, what are you waiting for? It's Cyber Monday, when online shopping and deals are all over the place. Here's a way to get things you want online, and it could be free! Including $10,000!
2 Days Left To Win Free Money! And 10K On Friday!
A grand a day in May is almost his-toray! Well that was a stretch, but you still have a couple of days left to win CLUCKS CLASSIC CASH! At LEAST $1,000 today and tomorrow! Plus we give away the $10,000 Grand Prize online on Friday! Who couldn't use some of the FatCat Chickens money?
Withdraw $1,000 A Day In May! Cluck’s Classic Cash Machine!
The big Chicken has lost his ATM card, and that could mean big money for you! WFGR gives you a chance to win your share of $44,000 with Cluck's ATM Card! It's Clucks Classic Cash Machine! Listen weekdays to be the 25th caller at 616-459-9889 to win ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS CASH! And on certain days, the…
Win A $500 Meijer Gas Card!
And all you have to do is be a WFGR Classic VIP Club member! Enter to win FREE GAS from WFGR! Don't kid yourself, gas will be back above 4 dollars before you know it. Be ready with 500 dollars in free gas from Grand Rapids' FREE GAS RADIO--98.7 WFGR!
WFGR Winter Getaway WINNERS!
Here are the lucky WFGR Classic VIP members who are going up North to Traverse City! The WFGR Winter Getaway with Traverse City, your True North Destination for winter fun!