Like WFGR On Facebook! Do It!
Like Cluck and WFGR on Facebook, Fool! If we get 2,000 likes before the end of the year, we get to keep our jobs! Ha! No seriously, if we get 2K likes before New Years Day, A lucky Facebook friend will get a dream date with Cluck to a Griffins game!
Win a Dream Date With Cluck!
Okay everyone we need your help! The Boss says we need to get to 2,000 facebook fans by the end of the year, otherwise very bad things will happen next year. If we DO make 2000 fans, he says magical and wonderful things will happen. This is where you come in. Please spread the word and help us get…
Cluck Loves Mellencamp!
Here's the big chicken at the John Cougar Mellencamp in Grand Rapids! The big Clucker loves his Mellencamp! And he will be the first to tell you...he gets alot of play! All kinds of "chicks" wanted their pics taken with Cluck!
Want To Win Cluck’s Money?
There has been a death in the WFGR Family....But it could be good for you...Cluck's Uncle Kenneth Ferninand Cluckireno has passed on...Uncle K.F.C has left Cluck with the daunting task of giving away his fortune-$58,000-to YOU!
80’s Glow Bowl!
Saturday WFGR and Park Center Lanes has a rad and awesome 80's Glow Bowl rock n bowl party! It's starts at 11 at Park Center Lanes on 28th in Wyoming! It's just 10 bucks for all you can bowl and show rental! Sweet! And you might even see Cluck there!
Cluck’s Chicken Feed!
See the Cluckster out and about all over Grand Rapids and West Michigan every afternoon handing out "Cluck's Chicken Feed" from Grand Cakes of Rockford! Weekdays from 4 to 6, look for Cluck handing out goodies and coupons from Grand Cakes!
Guess Who Was On TV Last Night?
That would be the big ol' chicken CLUCK! Cluck made a special appearance at ArtPrize last night on Channel 8! He even got to host the weather will Bill Steffan! Due to copyright laws, we cant actually show you the video...But here are pictures of Cluck!

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