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Conan’s Homage To “OITNB”
Conan O'Brien has usually been on the cutting edge of pop culture in TV in the last few years. From the dancing "self pleasuring" Bear, to his online and social media conquests, Conan has carved out his own niche in comedy in America.
Hear Greatest Punchline to a Joke Ever!
When the whole Jay Leno-Conan O'Brien thing happened a couple years back, I was interested. But not because I loved Conan.I thought he was OK, and his show was OK, too.
And considering almost 100 million households in the country COULD watch Conan -- and usually about a million do (not huge num…
Thanks To Conan O’ Brien for The Grand Rapids Love.
If a tweet about our fair town to his over 9 million followers can be called love. You remember Conan O Brien, right? The former SNL-turned-Simpsons writer-turned late night tv show host-turned late night tv show martyr-turned cable tv show host and internet sensation for old hipsters. Well he has m…