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Craig Ferguson Picks His Last Guest.
The Late Late show's Craig Ferguson is ending his run as the host of the show at the end of December. He announced yesterday who is last guest will be. It's a another talk how host. Well, former host.
James Corden Named As New ‘Late Late Show’ Host by CBS
CBS announced today that James Corden will be the new host of "The Late Late Show."
If you're anything like me, you're thinking: "Who is James Corden?" Well, he's one of those people that you'll totally recognize when you see him.
Corden is a multi-faceted performer, host, writer a…
Heather Locklear On Craig Ferguson [VIDEO]
OK, a celeb on a late night talk show? Why am I concerned about that? It's because it's another example of stars not realizing they aren't the center of attention. A long time ago, it was the same when watching Letterman or Carson. It wasn't about the celeb interviews, it was abo…