An Awesome Best Of Craigslist Post!
Here's another Best of Craigslist post! My list is pretty awesome, and this ad proves why. I have never had to use Craigslist to find a job...yet. But here's a job I might try and score!
Craigslist User Seeks ‘Bacon Dangler’
A gentleman on Craigslist is looking for someone who can really dangle some bacon. When I first heard this story, my mind went straight to the gutter-- I mean, 'dangle bacon'? C'mon. If that isn't sexual innuendo, I don't know what is. However, I was mistaken. Turns out the Craigslist poster is actu…
Craig Scours Craigslist for The Finest Weirdness!
My "list", Craigslist, always has some fun entries. Whenever I see ones that are worthy, I post them here. Here is another in my ongoing series "Best of Craigslist" Remember, everytime you use Craigslist, I get a cut. So use it early and use it often!
It’s The Best Of MyList!
Or Craigslist. I DO get a royalty everytime someone uses it. Maybe.
Here's another funny Craigslist ad. It's from the Grand Rapids "Jobs" section. Someone needs an old white witch. Of course they do.
Another “Best Of Craigslist”!
Thanks to Facebook Friend Lisa for this! "Best of Craigslist" are funny Craigslist posts...most of them are in the "Free" section, and thus get flagged and taken off. This one, however, is in the "Items Wanted" section, so it should stay up!
Best Of Craiglist Volume 3!
Craigslist is named after me....well I don't know that for a fact, but my name IS Craig...and the list IS called "Craigslist". Sounds good to me! Here is another installment of the "Best Of Craigslist" And it's a good one!

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