New Alice in Wonderland Movie – First Look Preview
Time, it seems, is not on the Mad Hatter's side. Hopefully Alice come up with a plan that goes off like clockwork. I kept watching for the White Rabbit. ... ... okay I'm done. I guess this preview shows that Alice is back in Wonderland and needs to time travel...
Never Challenge Gaston to a Push Up Contest
This video, much like the tale, is as old as time. At least as far as videos on the internet go. A brave soul once upon a time challenged Gaston of Beauty and the Beast to a push up contest. That's like challenging the Little Mermaid in a swimming contest...
The Creepy Side of Walt Disney World
Let me start by saying, I love Walt Disney World. My wife and I went there on our Honeymoon. We went earlier this year just because, and we're already talking about our next vacation. However, Disney isn't all just princesses.

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