Justin Bieber Lyric Leads To Argument AND Arrest In Michigan
Damn you, Justin Bieber, you’re destroying families! The Traverse City Record-Eagle is reporting that a Justin Bieber song is the reason a 21-year-old is in jail.
According to the story, the man, his mom who actually lives in Wyoming, along with his 70-year-old grandmother and a 17-year-ol…
Two Michigan Voters Got in to a Fight at the Polls this Morning
This has been one of the most controversial and dividing elections in history so its no surprise that an issue occurred at the polls today.
The Detroit Free Press is reporting that two women, one a Clinton supporter and the other a Trump supporter, got into an altercation this morning at a voting pol…
6 Refs Can’t Contain Hockey Brawl [VIDEO]
Check out this minor league hockey brawl - that quickly flies out of control. Even the refs can't seem to contain it. Also notice how the main umpire just stands there with his hand up, and doesn't even try to break up the fight. I think I would have done the same thing actually...

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