fourth of July

Some Michigan Residents Do NOT Like Fireworks
It's fireworks season in Michigan, and a lot of people aren't happy about it. Under the current Michigan law, fireworks are allowed on holidays such as the Fourth of July and the day before and after. The law also states that fireworks are not allowed between midnight and 8:00 AM...
Celebrating at Celebration on the Grand
Celebration on the Grand's shift to summer came with a almost fall-like weather on Friday afternoon.
However, it wasn't autumn.
It was the Fourth of July -- Independence Day, with summer in full bloom on a holiday weekend.
The City of Grand Rapids' effort for sustainable special events debuted with ex…
Who WONT Be Eating Hot Dogs On The Fourth?
Well, I WILL be...but maybe you wont. Maybe you will be having a hamburger, or a tofu dog. Or a steak. Or a chicken kabob. There's a really good chance unless you have kids or are going to a baseball game, you might not have a hot dog all weekend long.