Dog at Vet … Not Putting up with Shenanigans
The thing that's great about dogs is their enthusiasm. Excited about EVERYTHING all the time. Unless we're talking about the vet. This boxer has obviously had enough of his trip and is not putting up with the silliness of his owner and is ready to leave.
89 Year Old Man Comedic Debut is a Huge Success [NSFW]
Just goes to show, you can teach an old dogs new tricks.
This guy is awesome. I hope I'm half as funny as he is when I'm his age.
Apparently, he took an stand up comedy class
He took a comedy class taught by Mark Chalifoux and Cam O'Connor at the Senior Center...
New Dating Website That Helps You Just Settle
It's no secret that finding love isn't easy. I'm sure that's why there are so many different types of dating websites and apps, from tinder to cupid to farmers only to match. This video satires the match commercials, and I think they nail it.
70s Party Game that’s Equal Parts Awesome and Awkward
This is an old commercial for a party game called 'Great Moves'. It's equal parts 'Win, Lose, or Draw' and 'Twister'. You get a card that tells you what to draw. Then spin a wheel that tells you what to draw with.
This could be a great party game to play with adults…

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