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Gas Prices Drop In Wyoming. Is It A Gas War?
War is never good, unless it's a gas price war like the one raging in Wyoming between 28th and 44th Streets.
A check on shows prices at Wyoming stations in those neighborhoods running about 42 cents a gallon cheaper than the rest of Kent County. But why?
Why Are Gas Prices Going Up?
The price of a gallon of gas is one of the most heated topics of discussion next to the color of a certain dress.
And the important question: Why do gas prices keep going up?
Gas Prices Start To Rise
The price of gas is starting to go back up. For the first time this year, gas was back up to $2.19. I know, you shouldn't complain about that price when 6 months ago it was $3.50.
Gas Is Under $2 a Gallon In Michigan [Video]
Gas is less than $2 per gallon in Michigan in Greenville, of all places.
That hotbed of economic equality. It's the place where low prices began, as the home of Meijer. Now, the gas there is the cheapest in the state.

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