Grand Rapids shooting

Man Sentenced In Connection with Rodrick Dantzler Murders
The man who sold Rodrick Dantlzer the gun that he used to kill seven people in one day in Grand Rapids in July of 2011 is heading to prison.
Michael James Allen was sentenced in federal court in Grand Rapids on Monday to 10 years in prison - the maximum amount of time he was facing - after having pre…
Grand Rapids Knows What Aurora Is Going Through.
Because we all went through it last year about this time. A gunman rips the heart of a city apart by shooting innocent victims and scars a community forever. Rodrick Dantzler was our James Holmes. It was a different set of circumstances with a different outcome in the end, but the head shaking and t…
Grand Rapids Wakes Up After Worst Murder Spree Ever
As most of us wake up from the worst killing rampage in Grand Rapids history, many areas are still crime scenes for this mornings commute.   Seven people including two children were fatally shot yesterday before the suspect, Rodrick Dantzler, took his own life.