Grand Rapids

How Stressed are You?
Grand Rapids has earned it's way onto another list!
This time ranked 150 cities in the United States to find the most and least stressed areas. They considered many factors including stress related to money, work, family, health and safety, and just how well people cope with s…
A Makeover for Calder Plaza
When I was in grade school at Sibley Elementary back in the 70s, I remember taking a field trip to see the artwork known as “La Grande Vitesse”, designed by sculptor Alexander Calder. This metal sculpture sits on Calder Plaza in downtown Grand Rapids...
Musketawa Trail: Gold Spike Trail Tour III [Photos]
Last weekend, the Friends of the Musketawa Trail hosted the Gold Spike Trail Tour. The biennial event covered the entire Musketawa Trail, running from Marne to Muskegon, and connected with the Fred Meijer Pioneer Trail in Grand Rapids to the east.

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