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New Dating Site Gears Toward Green Bay Packers Fans
Nowadays, you can find a dating site that targets almost any person. Old, Jewish, Farmers and weirdos, no matter what you are looking for, you can find your true love. And of course, if you love the country's cheesiest football team, you are set as well.
Lose Weight While Watching The Big Game
If you're trying to maintain your New Years resolution of dropping a few pounds, and absolutely fear the giant bag of Doritos that will be calling your name on Sunday, here are few ways to lose weight
Man Loses His Job For Loving Green Bay Packers Too Much [VIDEO]

Chicago-based car salesman John Stone wasn't expecting to be fired when he wore a Green Bay Packers tie to his job at a car dealership on Monday. But that's exactly what happened, after he refused to remove the item at the management's repeated requests.
After the story hit the Internet, and complain…
Football Friday Part 1
I'm a HUGE Bears that's who I'm rooting for. In Chicago, this game is quite possibly the biggest football game, or sporting event in the city's history.