Net Neutrality and What The Internet Is Really Good For
I'm sure by now you have heard the term net neutrality -- the idea that the Internet is more like a utility (gas and electric) than just a normal service (cable and tv).
The FCC voted Thursday to keep the internet free.
What does that mean for you, the internet user at large?
Grand Rapids On “House Hunters” Again!
Grand Rapids keeps getting all the national press! Next up, basic cable! HGTV's popular show "House Hunters" is back in Grand Rapids for the second time in a month! First a couple found their home on the near northside, next up...East Grand Rapids!
Outta My Monday Moanin’ Mind…
Random thoughts from a silly DJ with too much time on his hands...
-Amy Winehouse died. Was anyone really surprised? I said on Facebook over the weekend.."such a waste...but not too surprised...and even though she died at the same age as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendryx, Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain and …