A Special Easter Dinner for Those in Need
There are many in our community that won't have an Easter Dinner this year. Whether through illness or hardship, Easter, a traditional time of the year for families to gather, will be missed. However, there is an organization that wants to make sure no one is alone.
Unlocking ArtPrize: Woman’s Faith In Humanity Restored
When Chelsea Lassen decided to spend an afternoon with friends exploring ArtPrize in Grand Rapids Wednesday, she didn’t expect to leave in a panic.
“After leaving dinner hours later, I unzipped my pocket only to find no car keys,” said Lassen, a ‘05 graduate of Lakeview High S…
Grand Rapids Homeless to Run 5/3 Riverbank Run!
This is a pretty inspiring story actually. The 5/3rd riverbank run is this weekend, and several people who consider themselves homeless will compete in the 10K.
Everyone has had some tough points in their lives, and what a great way for everyone involved to be a part of a great event for West Michiga…