Rachel from Grand Rapids Is On Jeopardy TONIGHT!!!
Someone from Grand Rapids will be on Jeopardy tonight!
I happened to come across a post bragging that a lady’s sister-in-law would be on Jeopardy tonight (which comes on at 7:30 pm on WWMT 3 and 10:30 on CW7 – or channel 17 on Comcast...
Hear Alex Trebek Read Motley Crue
Jeopardy has been around since the 1960's. Art Fleming was the original host and a non descript announcer named Don Pardo "introduced today's contestants" Alex Trebek has been host since 1984.
50 Years Ago: ‘This Is Jeopardy!’ [Video]
Plenty of things last 50 years.
Most people's parents, houses, even the odd dog.
But TV shows. 50 years. Very few. "Meet the Press" and, now, "Jeopardy!"
It was 50 years ago, March 30, 1964, that Art Fleming asked the answer instead of the question on NBC.

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