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‘Friends’ Reunion on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ [Video]
Like anyone who lived through the '90s, Jimmy Kimmel loved 'Friends,' but while being a fan of the television staple is wholly understandable, the depth of his affection is, well, perhaps not. Kimmel hosted 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston on his show last night, and while sh…
Jimmy Kimmel Pranks Metta World Peace [Video]
Back in 2011, Jimmy Kimmel pranked NBA star Metta World Peace (then known as Ron Artest) so completely that Metta (Mr. World Peace?) must have always had his guard up from that day on. That kind of attitude could have served him well recently, as Kimmel again pranked the athlete for 'Jimmy Kimm…
Can Two National Spelling Bee Champs Best Jimmy Kimmel?
Every year, Jimmy Kimmel invites the Scripps Spelling Bee champion on to his show for a star-studded face-off (by "star-studded," we mean that some Kimmel regulars run the sketch, this year featured Cousin Sal and Guillermo) to see if the late-night host can take down the newly crowned kid…
Jimmy Kimmel Wins The Internets.
On this very website and all over the WWW a viral video made the rounds last week of a girl twerking and falling and catching on fire and general hilarity ensued. Over 15 million people viewed and laughed at all the fun. Not so fast Charlie Brown.

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