A Car Dealership in MI Goes Viral After Exposing a Panhandler
A man who has been seen panhandling in front of a dealership in Brighton, MI was exposed for his tactics.
Employees at the Brighton Honda dealer felt sympathetic towards the panhandler after seeing him day after day and, according to FOX 2 Detroit, decided to offer him a job...
Crazy Excuses For Being Late to Work
Today, the Monday after the Super Bowl, is the day with the most reported absenteeism from work.
That's right. It's like senior skip day for adults.
But you better come up with a creative excuse, because if you use one of these from Career Builder, you won't have to worry about getting…
Top 10 Jobs that Make You Fat
Job Stressing you out and making you fat... well maybe.
A new survey commissioned by CareerBuilder shows some occupations may actually make you pack on the pounds.
Among the most fattening careers are those of travel agents (Do those still exist?)  judges, teachers, and even doctors. Police offic…
Is Your Job Killing You?
Sure, sometimes you get fed up with working: your boss is an idiot, your co-workers are lazy, there's never anything good in the vending machine, you're sick of pointless meetings, etc. But did you know that your job could literally be killing you? A new frightening infographic from OnlineUniversit…
The Greatest Resume EVER! A Must See!
Have you updated your resume lately?  Apparently Eric did.  I would honestly have to say, I would call this genius into my office just to meet him (and to see if he is really the idiot he tried very hard to portray in his resume).
Need a Job? Apply Here!
Well, the food might be tasty, but I wonder how the service is!  Kind of Funny, but if you look below the sign, there is a banner for Subway!