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Kentwood Tornado Story No. 455: Tornadoes In Michigan
While not unusual, tornadoes in Michigan are pretty rare.
Michigan has averaged 16 tornados a year since 1991. Every state around us averages almost double that amount: Wisconsin 24, Iowa 51, Minnesota 45, Illinois 54. Indiana 22, Ohio 19 and so on. And Michigan has had two pretty big tornadic even…
May 13, 1980: I Remember the Kalamazoo Tornado [Video]
I grew up in Kalamazoo. I remember the day a tornado barreled through downtown Kalamazoo: May 13, 1980.
For about 20 minutes, the landscape of the downtown area changed forever; 150-year-old trees in Bronson Park were ripped up; and the back of Gilmore's Department store was ripped off. The new…