2014 Detroit Lions Preview
Look I'm sure you might not be a huge sports fan, or even a football fan. I'm not a Lions fan by any stretch of the imagination, but I can give you a meaningful and informative preview for the 2014 NFL season even the slightest of fans can enjoy.
Funny Lions Shirt Making Rounds!
The Detroit Lions have been a part of the NFL since 1934.
Starting out in Portsmouth, Ohio, they moved to the corner of Michigan and Trumbull at old Navin Field (later Briggs, later Tiger Stadium) until moving to the suburbs in 1976 at the Silverdome in Pontiac.
Moving back downtown to Ford Field, t…
Thankfully the Lions are Done – For the Year
Well, what turned out to be a very typical Lions season. Once again on several occasions, the Lions snapped defeat from the jaws of victory, had several mediocre games and a lot of stupid moves on special teams and coaching. What will be different next year? Very little by the looks of it.
Score with the Lions This Week
Have you made your picks for the Lions game this weekend yet? If not, you need to get in there and do it. The Last two weeks Amy and Joanne both nailed the score dead on.   Detroit is actually getting anywhere from 3.5-5 points in the spread, so the Lions are actually favored in Tennesse..…
Score With the Lions Week 2
It's week two for the Lions as they take on the 49'ers.  The Lions in a lot of ways didn't deserve to win last weeks game against the Rams.  3 Interceptions does not a good game make.
Eddie George As The Lions Calvin Johnson! [VIDEO]
Of course living in Michigan, we know who Calvin Johnson is. Star wide out for the Lions. And also Brann's spokesman. Those Meal Deal dinners look good! So when former NFL star Eddie George was walking through LAX a TMZ cameraman decided to do that douchebag tactic all TMZ cameramen do...the ambush …

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