What To Do If You Win Powerball
We are all dreaming of winning that ridiculously huge $1.3 billion Powerball jackpot. Some have made lists of who they would give money to or what charity to gift, but there are some steps to take that are more important.
How To Pick the Winning Numbers for the Mega Millions
Even though you have a better chance of dying in an avalanche over the next decade, there is still something so tempting about buying a Mega Millions ticket for tonight's shot at $500-million!
Of course, you can increase your odds by 100% if you spend $173 million and play every possible combination.…
Mother and Daughter Score 3 Lottery Jackpots
I rarely gamble... main reason? I never seem to win. I'm not sure if it's luck, karma or whatever you want to call it but this is pretty amazing.. A mother and daughter in the Carolinas have three big lottery wins in the last 20 years between them, and not small cash either!