Top 10 Fast Food Flops
Ah. the McLean, we hardly knew ya. And Satisfries. Here for a fleeting moment then back off the menu. All kinds of hype and build up, and then Thud. A fast food menu items goes nowhere.
McDonalds Has A New Mascot
Think back to the earlier days of fast food and TV. Remember all the "McDonaldland" characters? Of course the most famous is Ronald McDonald. (2 fun Ronald Facts. 1, his name was supposed to 'Donald McDonald', and 2, the first Ronald on TV was famous on-air weatherman Wil…
The New Taco Bell Breakfast Starts A New War
Well, that escalated quickly. The new breakfast that started last week at Taco Bell has stirred up some online jousting. Taco Bell has thrown the first punch with TV commercials featuring people enjoying the new FirstMeal with a unique name.

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