It’s Totally Illegal to Take Photos on Railroad Tracks in Michigan
We’ve all seen pictures of the pensive high school senior sitting on train tracks pondering the future of his or her life.  Because, seriously, that’s what 17 and 18-year-olds do, hang out on train tracks looking for the future.
For some reason, this location is very popular for senior, family and we…
Gin Made in Grand Rapids Named ‘Best in the World’ [VIDEO]
A gin hand-crafted in Grand Rapids has been named the best in the world.
Long Road Distillers' "Michigin" was awarded the honor, along with a "Double Gold" Medal at "The Fifty Best Gins" tasting event in New York last week, MLive reports…
The Perfect Stargazing Place In Michigan Has Been Found
The other day I was asking “where’s a good place to look at the sky?”, not because I’m crazy, BUT because you could see the Northern Lights, and I didn’t know where to go where it’s actually dark enough to enjoy.
Low and behold, MLiveapparently heard my questions and actually posted a story about Hea…

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