10 Things Worse Than Winters in Michigan
Recently, Michigan was ranked the #2 state for the worst winters in the U.S.
This should come to no surprise, if you're from Michigan you know how brutal (and weird) our winters can be. Even out-of-towners recognize it. But, Instead of complaining about the cold weather and the snow we should th…
Where is the Center of Michigan? It Depends Who You Ask
It would be pretty easy to determine the center of a state if it was nice and square like, say, Colorado or Wyoming. But what about when your state has two oddly shaped peninsulas? Then it gets a little more difficult. So where exactly is the center of Michigan?
Michigan Highways to Increase Speed Limits to 75
Governor Snyder signed a bill today to allow Michigan highway speed limits to increase to 75 miles per hour! The bill requires Michigan DOT to raise the speed limit on 600 miles of freeways if a study shows it's safe.
Does this mean that the new limits are all now instantly 75?

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