Go to College and Make More Money
If you have ever had a talk with an older loved one, a parent or well meaning neighbor they probably told you at one time or another "get yourself a college degree Kevin or you will never realize your full potential"
Yeah, Kevin. Come on.
Who Is Hollywood’s Richest Actor?
The answer will surprise you. You would think it's a big movie star. Tom Cruise or Kevin Costner, or even Seth Rogen. Nope. Maybe a powerful female actress. Scarlet Jo or J-Lo or even Jennifer Lawrence. How about Seth McFarlane or a voice talent like Harry Shearer. Not close.
Auto Insurance Can Be Fun…
I just recently purchased new auto insurance for my Explorer...Saved about $35 bucks a month. Now that doesn't sound like much, but you might be paying too much for yours. No I'm not hawking anything, but there's a story from Yahoo that caught my eye.
I’m In The Wrong Line Of Work…
Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In the U.S.
You know those guys that tell pilots that they're "cleared to land"? Well, Air Traffic Controllers make over a $100-grand a year! You could totally do that!