Michigan Hospitals Are In Trouble for Making Patients Sick
The federal government is cracking down on hospitals with high rates of patient injuries, and they've now added spreading those crazy antibiotic-resistant germs like MRSA to their calculations. So the government has reduced Medicare payments to 769 hospitals, including 27 hospitals right here i…
Michigan Pays the Most for Car Insurance
Well, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to know a lot of money each year for car insurance. But, did you know Michiganders pay over two times the national average, and nearly $500 more than second place?!?
$5,000 is Hidden Somewhere in Grand Rapids, Will YOU Find It?
A treasure hunt is about to begin in Grand Rapids and YOU can be a part of it!
Somewhere in the metro area of Grand Rapids is $5,000 waiting to be found... waiting to make one lucky person $5,000 richer.
Metro Area Treasure Hunts (MATH) is a social experiment started by a former math teacher at a high…
Go to College and Make More Money
If you have ever had a talk with an older loved one, a parent or well meaning neighbor they probably told you at one time or another "get yourself a college degree Kevin or you will never realize your full potential"
Yeah, Kevin. Come on.

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