prostate cancer

It’s A Movember To Remember!
I'm growing the facial hair again this "Movember" to support prostate and testicular cancer awareness and research. Perhaps you have heard this. It been in all the papers.
Welcome To MOvember!
It's on again. Movember. Time to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer in Men. You can't grow facial hair without a reason. Whether you are an evil pro baseball team from the East Coast, or just a dude like me, the hair has a cause.
Welcome Back To Movember!
Here's my annual support to awareness of prostate cancer! Movember! I grow facial hair to raise awareness of the sixth leading cause of death in men worldwide. Now I normally already have a goatee and stache. So come Movember I try to grow a beard.
Movember Part Duex
So I have been growing my facial hair to support Men's Health issues. Like prostate cancer, colon cancer, etc. Since I'm a guy, and could have to deal with stuff like that, I thought "why not?" I like being lazy and not having to shave, and why should women in winter have…