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Finally, They’re Going To Fix Michigan Street This Spring
It’s about time! Fox17 is reporting that Michigan Street in Downtown Grand Rapids could start getting fixed as early as next week!
If you’ve driven along Michigan Street, you’ve probably noticed it’s one of the WORST streets in West Michigan, well unless you’re also talking about 131 or M-6, but for …
Construction On US-131 Is Here For The Summer
Summer is just around the corner and that means construction here in Michigan.  US-131 looks like it will be a parking lot during rush hour for the near future.  Road construction is planned on several segments of US-131 starting now and ending in September...
It’s Road Construction Season!
I have heard seasons in Michigan described two ways. Good snomobiling season and August. The other way is Winter and Road Construction Season. And I will be really honest, I'm actually happy about it this year.
Michigan Construction Out of Hand
It's that time of year - Construction season in Michigan.  Normally, we all expect it this time of year, but with the early Spring, the season has already gotten into full swing.
Have you been downtown on Fulton St. Between Monroe and Division? I have never seen so many orange barrels piled…

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