rock n roll bowling league

The WFGR Rock n Roll Bowling League Is Back!
We started again Friday Night! The second half of the WFGR Rock n Roll Bowling League! Do you like to have a good time? Do you like meeting fun, new people?
Can you at least get a ball down the alley without it turning around and coming back after you?
Luckiest Bowling Shot EVER! [VIDEO]
When it comes to bowling, I'm pretty average. Last year during the WFGR Rock 'n Roll Bowl League at Park Center Lanes, my average was about...average. I finished with a 153, not too bad for a dork like me. Pro bowlers and guys who take it seriously are a different story.
The WFGR Rock ‘N’ Roll League Is Back!
We are ready to bowl again! The 3rd Annual WFGR Rock 'N' Roll Bowl League kicks off Friday September 9th at Park Center Lanes! Get your team of 3 bowlers together for another fun season of bowling with us from WFGR! It's $9.87 per person for 3 games, prizes and great music!