Win a Strida LT Folding Bike
This is pretty cool. As part of the camping, travel and RV show this weekend you could win a very cool folding bike from the Grand Rapid Bicycle company. It totally folds up and has a value of over $600!
Gong Show Debuts on this day in 1976!
One of my all time favorite shows Debuted on Flag Day in 1976...  Now, yes, this show was stupid. It was dumb. It was humiliating, but it was also fun... and original in some ways.
Check out this Clip of Chuck Barris, who of course went on to bring us shows such as the Dating Game and the Newlyw…
The Hoff Sucks
A Worse record than the Chevy Chase show.... the Hoff's new "Reality" TV show was killed after just two shows! Proves my theory, that Hoff stunk in the 80's and he still stinks now!
The Dancing Machine
So we have a guy here we work with and his name is Gene... In addition to being a really nice guy, every time I hear is name I can't help think of this...