Time to Spring Forward This Weekend [Infographic]
Remember to set those clocks forward Saturday night as daylight saving time returns at 2 a.m. EST Sunday.
With the change, it is going to be lighter sooner. That means changes in routines a bit, whether that's driving, bicycling or walking.
Spring Has Finally Arrived
I'm really big into atmosphere. It may sound weird, but there are just times in my life when the way it looks or feels outside makes things perfect. Maybe it's going to a hickey game in December and it's snowing and cold outside. Or a perfect summer afternoon with that deep blue Michi…
Nothing to do in Grand Rapids in April
So I have a friend visiting the last two weeks of April. He asked if there were any cool events or other things going on in Grand Rapids... After looking around and checking things out.. the short answer was no! I think April is a hard time for indoor and outdoor events...