Lets Talk about the Winner of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng
My wife and I are Survivor fans and this season was a bit nuts; there were three evacuations, super idols, and quadruple alliance flips by one contestant. Last night a million dollars was given to a contestant, and some people have beef with who was chosen as the winner.
Spoilers ahoy!
How to Get Cast on Survivor or Any Reality Show
In honor of the newest season of Survivor starting last night here's an interview from the casting director on what they look for in potential castaways.
Lynne Spillman, casting director for Survivor and The Amazing Race fields questions on how to get noticed, the top do's and don'ts, …
CBS Announces Fall 2014 Schedule [Video]
Among the last, but certainly not least, the eye network CBS has officially gotten in on the Upfront 2014 game by releasing their schedule for the fall, and full trailers for the newest series.
Few major surprises (minus that 'How I Met Your Dad' pass), but take a look at the future of CBS…