talk like a pirate day

How I Spent My Late Summer Vacation Part 1
Fall started on Sunday afternoon. So when I took a couple days off last week, it became my late summer vacation. So much like when you and I were in school, here's what I did on my "summer vacation" Thursday...I caught a cold. The end.
Nooo! Not really the end! I went out on &a…
National Talk Like A Pirate Day Part 3
Breakfast. Check. Lunch. Check. How about Dinner on "Talk like a Pirate" Day. And of course, an actual chain with a pirate's name in it's brand SHOULD have a Pirate's day offer, shouldn't they? Long John Silver's! Right on!
National Talk Like A Pirate Day Part 2
Ok Krispy Kreme has you covered for breakfast with free donuts on National Talk like a Pirate day. What about Lunch? How about Mexican? Because what says Talking like a Pirate more than Chips and Queso? Let hit Moe's!
Talk Like A Pirate Day Is Wednesday–FREE Krispy Kreme!
Wednesday the 19th is "Talk Like a Pirate Day". You know, Arrrhhhggg me mateys! Of course it's fun to talk like a pirate, getting free stuff for talking like a pirate is even better! The good folks at Krispy Kreme are rewarding you with free donuts for talking like, or looking…