Stores with the Best Return Policies in West Michigan
While the mall and stores are currently filled with holiday shoppers, pretty soon it will be the opposite.
The day after Christmas is the unofficial holiday of "Returning Day" (I just made that up). You get a gift you don't like so you head to the store to return it o…
Meijer Organics Chopped Spinach Among Recalled Foods
Meijer Organics Shopped Spinach has been included in the Twin City Foods, Inc. of Stanwood, Wash., has issued a recall of some spinach products because they have the potential to be contaminated.
They include some products found at Meijer.
Christmas Shopping Primer/Countdown
Thanksgiving and Black Friday have come and gone. So have Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday.
After all, you've only got until Christmas Eve to do your shopping for Christmas.
Here's a list of some stores and restaurants to visit as you continue your Christmas shopping.
Black Thursday…Err Black Friday In Grand Rapids!
So I decided to venture out and see if any crazy people were actually out at midnight on Friday. The earliest Thanksgiving shopping has started. I can remember when the only things open on Thanksgiving were Walgreens and gas stations. Now Thanksgiving is kinda just like Flag Day. It's a holiday…

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