Twinkies And Cupcakes Are Back Early!
Know what's cool? When big companies under promise and over deliver. When the Hostess Company went under late last year, and stopped producing America's favorite snack cakes like Twinkies and Cupcakes, well, we were all devastated, Ok I was at least.
There Is a Petition for Obama to Nationalize Twinkies
When the US auto industry was in jeopardy four years ago President Obama stepped in with a bailout package. Now it's the American junk food industry that's in peril, with Hostess Brands closing up shop and heading for liquidation, and some want Obama to take an even more drastic step.
Daniel B. of Ka…
NOOOOOO!!!! Hostess Brands To Shut Down Operations!!
Even though I'm diabetic and shouldn't really have Cupcakes and Twinkies and Ding Dongs and Apple Pies and.....(geez what am I? Homer Simpson? Mmmmmmm....Twinkies...) I still love em all! So sweet and tasty and now, soon to be much harder to find, in not impossible. The company that makes and sells …