Craig Lives His Life Vicariously Through Social Media
II will be the first to admit it. I have some friends on social media I have never met in real life. They are friends just online. They are either people who work in radio in other cities, so we have something in common. Or they write blogs that I read and enjoy often.
Wyoming Police Officers Tweet During Shift
Two City of Wyoming police officers gave the public a unique ride-along on Wednesday.
Officers Kelli Duimstra and Margo Clark live-tweeted during their shift.
They discussed the calls they were responding to, K9 dogs, panhandlers, Slurpees, and more.
The Human Race, As A Whole, Is Over.
I'm sorry to all the Townsquare Media web honchos, including our own Rick Martinez. That title isn't very search friendly, or what have you. But there's no way to describe the following picture from Twitter without burying my head in my hands and wondering "what's next?&…
How Social Media Makes Your Life Easier
For all the things social media can do that is annoying (I'm looking right at you "sponsored post") and all the complaining, whining, judging and basically unfriend-like stuff that gets posted, there ARE a few things things social media gets right.
It helps our lives out on a d…
The Daily Hustle Meme
Did you see Grand Rapids Griffins player Mitch Callahan tweeted a selfie of his mangled, puck slashed and tooth lost mouth? I will warn you, it's not for the faint of heart.
Happy Birthday to Twitter!
Twitter is all of eight years old today.
Happy birthday annoying social media site.
Do you remember your first tweet? There's a part of the site where you can see your first tweets including the guy who started Twitter, too!

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