Thanks To Conan O’ Brien for The Grand Rapids Love.
If a tweet about our fair town to his over 9 million followers can be called love. You remember Conan O Brien, right? The former SNL-turned-Simpsons writer-turned late night tv show host-turned late night tv show martyr-turned cable tv show host and internet sensation for old hipsters. Well he has m…
10 Hacked Tweets We Want to See
Earlier this week, somebody hacked the AP's Twitter account and posted a tweet saying that there were explosions in the White House and President Obama had been injured. The account was quickly suspended, and the situation dealt with.
Funny Tweets By Parents the Week of March 18
Parents + Internet = Awesome. Don't believe us? Check out some of the funniest things tweeted by parents this week, including Melissa Joan Hart's son's funny incident with childproof medicine bottles and Jim Gaffigan's vow regarding kids and restaurants:
Funny Tweets By Parents the Week Of March 11
Another week, another batch of tweets by parents that would surely horrify their children if they were old enough to read. Parents this week hit Twitter with their frustrations over Daylight Savings Time and the embarrassing things their kids say in public...
Funny Tweets By Parents The Week Of March 4
The popularity of social networking has given parents all new ways to embarrass their offspring, and often in hilarious fashion. Our favorite funny tweets by parents this week perfectly captured the frustration (and humiliation) that comes along with parenting...
Donald Trump has Twitter Meltdown Following Election
Following Tuesday's election, Donald Trump was very Donald Trump, having a bit of a meltodown on Twitter after the announcement of President Barack Obama's win. Trump called Obama's win a "great and disgusting injustice," adding "The world is laughing at us.…

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