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CBS Announces Fall 2014 Schedule [Video]
Among the last, but certainly not least, the eye network CBS has officially gotten in on the Upfront 2014 game by releasing their schedule for the fall, and full trailers for the newest series.
Few major surprises (minus that 'How I Met Your Dad' pass), but take a look at the future of CBS…
Two And A Half…Women? Is This Show Saveable?
To say Two and a Half Men has Jumped the Shark is an insult to Ted McGinley. If The character actor who destroyed such classic TV shows as The Love Boat, Happy Days and Married...With Children showed up on TAAHM this year, someone at CBS should lose their job.
CBS Wants Charlie Sheen Back on ‘Two and a Half Men’
Charlie Sheen's "WINNING" streak continues, as is exclusively reporting that CBS wants the troubled actor back on 'Two and a Half Men' just weeks after Warner Bros. unceremoniously fired him from the show.
Insiders claim that a top network executive is ready to move on from …