We’re Number 37 In Grand Rapids! YES!
The website GRNow.com just released it's "Grand Rapids Social Media Presence" list. The list of the most popular social media sites in the Greater Grand Rapids area. And WFGR came in...37th! Whoo Hoo!
I’m going with “Snowmageddon 2011″
No matter what JT, from our sister station WGRD says...It's mine and I'm sticking with it....
Here's the link to our closing page! GO!
Here's the Accuweather.com page! GO!
and HERE'S a video of stuff we won't see again for a long time....
What’s Goin’ On?
Plenty of stuff to do this weekend...
Griffins home tonight... GO!
Pond Hockey Tourney with our sister station WGRD...GO!
Glenn Bulthuis & The Tonedeafs: The Music of the Beatles...Saturday Night in Byron Center...GO!
Salute to John Williams with the GR Symphony...